Meet Angela
She’s the S.O.B.* in your corner


*Smart Old Broad

Angela Sutcliffe has more than 27 years of business experience and has helped thousands of small business owners to move from stuck and overwhelmed to leaders of successful businesses.  Because she’s “been there and done that” she is down to earth and explains best business practices in a way that everyone, from the start up business owner to seasoned C.E.O.s can understand.

 “Nobody should fly by the seat of their pants.
Birds don’t, neither do successful businesses”

There are no one-size fits all success formulas with business, only frameworks.   Every business is different, so every approach must vary. It is not about adopting someone else’s success story,  it is about adapting and choosing the right plan and tools based on you, your goals, history and resources.

Angela Sutcliffe has spent almost 30 years in business as a business owner, a teacher and an advisor.   When she saw her one-on-one advisory clients getting BIG results faster and smarter than their competition, she knew she had to put her focus where it mattered –  – advising, teaching, speaking, writing and running a consulting business focused on small businesses, and enterprises in transition. Business owners hire Angela for a number of reasons but most are focused on finding the right system to promote sustainable growth and increased profit.

Today, Angela is the CEO and SOB (Smart Old Broad ) of Angela Sutcliffe Business Consulting, a business advisory specializing in businesses making the transition to the next level of growth.   She has developed a success-backed system for business planning that helps diagnose needs and prescribe the right next steps.  She is a highly experienced and objective virtual partner. Angela is hired to give educational and motivational talks to business organizations and at conferences to empower attendees to adopt a leadership mindset and to help stimulate smart, strategic next-level thinking.


“Owning a business doesn’t mean that you are automatically the C.E.O. of that business.   The C.E.O is the person in charge of the vision, the strategy and the resources to make it all happen.  Being in charge of a business requires a mindset shift from being the creator to being the leader of a successful, sustainable, profitable enterprise”.

Angela speaks internationally and customizes her presentations to the business, niche, skill sets and professional concerns of her attendees. Topics Include: Vision, Purpose and Brand,  How Business Really Works, Why Businesses Fail, Sales Transformation, Business Redefined:  The Art of the Restart, and Leadership Thinking for Chief Entrepreneurial Officers. Angela Sutcliffe is a member of Toastmasters International, an organization for leadership development and the Ottawa Chapter of the International Executives’ Association.

Working to live is different from living to work– that’s one of Angela’s unshakable beliefs. She values time offline with her best friends… especially weekend adventures (and maybe some travel thrown in)… with a good board game or steaming bowls of mussels … totally unplugged… to recharge.


from Entrepreneur to C.E.O.

Is having a passion for business enough?  Most people start – and run – their businesses from their heart.  That’s the fuel in the engine.  Now, if you’re at the stage where you’d like to be more profitable, more organized and more focused – and have more resources available to help you manage your business, you’re going to have to marry passion with a plan.  Pay yourself first is more than a “nice to have”. It’s what C.E.O.’s expect.  Let’s reboot.
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