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How do you get to be a Smart Old Broad?  You start out as a foolish young woman, making mistakes and learning from them.  Angela is a very savvy businesswoman with 30  years of experience in business behind her.  After a short but successful stint as a real estate agent (tough going with 23% mortgages) she decided there was more money in starting her own business.  Like most entrepreneurs she founded her first business on nothing but enthusiasm and a prayer – and $50 funding capital .   which she eventually parlayed into a business with 30 employees – a company that grossed almost a half million dollars in gross sales per year back in the 90’s, all from her housecleaning company, Mrs. Mop.  But like most small businesses, the journey from start-up to success took many detours, including near bankruptcy in year three, a two year business turnaround and an eventual sale as a thriving and successful enterprise.


Since then she has survived – and thrived – through 8 economic downturns as well as the global economic revolution.


Business Experience:


Angela Sutcliffe is passionate about business, profits and life


For almost 30 years, Angela Sutcliffe has been the 100% breadwinner of her family and the CEO of her businesses.  She’s walked her walk.  She’s never looked for the easy way – only the better way – to run a company.


Angela is the founder and CEO of her own consulting firm, Angela Sutcliffe Business Consulting, and the creator of the ProfitMaker Program©  a program to transform entrepreneurial, gut-run enterprises into profitable, well managed businesses.


As a Top Producing Real Estate Agent at a time when mortgages were 23%, she learned how to sell, and sold, she did.  It didn’t take long, however, to learn that it was a tough market and there were easier ways to make money.


Angela quickly embarked on her own journey as a business owner with her start-up residential cleaning business, Mrs. Mop.  That’s where she learned how easy it is for ambition to outstrip ability.  Her knack for sales grew the business faster than she could handle.  As the business grew, Angela realized she was juggling too many balls trying to be everything to everybody.  She hired staff, managers and opened up an office.  And as her operating expenses grew, she learned (the hard way) that there was more to business than sales and marketing.


It quickly became evident that the business wasn’t financially sustainable and there were no systems in place to make things run smoothly.  In fact, Angela’s first business became her first business turnaround project.


Rolling up her sleeves, Angela did what she does best, analyzing each part of the business to see what worked and what didn’t.  Scared to death, she got down and dirty with the finances and zoned in on a new market that would pay more.  She learned all about how important it was to stay on top of the money and did the planning that her enthusiasm had overlooked.  Over a period of time she developed the systems and processes needed so her staff knew what to do and her customers knew what to expect.


“I would never wish this kind of turnaround on any other business owner – it was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do in my life”, she says.


At the end of the day, by mapping out where she wanted to take the business, and putting the strategies, processes and people in place to get it there, Angela’s initial $50 investment grew into a profitable, well managed and (in today’s dollars) seven figure business.


All set for a new challenge, Angela eventually sold Mrs. Mop and turned her skills, experience, and knowledge into her present day consultancy, driven by the need to help other entrepreneurs like her make the shift from entrepreneur to C.E.O.


Angela is as passionate about business as she is about her life.  She’s overcome a number of personal challenges and says life at this stage couldn’t be happier.  She is surrounded by “family-by-choice” and is committed to her “unplugged weekends” – away from technology so she can go exploring with her friends.  After all, she says, what’s the point of being the boss if you can’t enjoy the perks!

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