I keep meaning to get this done, but I just can’t find the time

Where does the time go, anyhow

Another week, and I haven’t finished what I wanted to do

Struggling to catch up, trying to keep up?

Procrastinating because it all seems so overwhelming?

Where does the time go – so much to do and so little to show for it!  That’s where an Accountability Group can help.  You’ll get more done in a couple of weeks than you’ve got done in years!

Maybe you’ve realized that running a business – and keeping it successful isn’t as easy as you’d first imagined. You’re trying to keep your customers happy, attract new customers,  and now administrative duties are getting in the way of actually running your business, and making money. Doesn’t it seem like your  business has developed a mind of its own? I mean, when did things get so complicated?

You’re not alone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small group of peers – business owners at the same level of business as you are who are struggling to keep on top of day-to-day business and keep moving ahead? Imagine working with other like-minded business owners who value discipline and need a group to keep them on track?

Sounds like you can use an Accountability Group.

You can be part of a group of motivated entrepreneurs who, like you, already have a great business, and have overcome the initial challenges of a business startup.

Now picture a group – your group – meeting on a regular basis,  working on similar challenges, and with lots of experience to share.

“We do amazing things when we feel others are invested in our doing them” – Samir Singh

Rome wasn’t built in a day and habits aren’t transformed in a month.   Our Accountability Groups require a solid SIX month commitment.  Six months?  Yes, that’s because you’re going to learn a lot about yourself, your habits, the things that get in your way, the places you’re kidding yourself, and, of course, your strengths through the good times and the bad.  You see, it’s easy to take a one month, or even a two month program and stay on track (OK, maybe you’ll do that for the first five weeks), but after that, life begins to throw variables your way.  And then what are you going to do?

Because we’re with you for a full six months, when life throws lemons, you’ll learn to build lemonade stands – profitable ones.  We’ll keep you on a proactive track and pull you back from reactive mode every single time.  And that’s where I come in.

In addition to the experience and support of your group, I’ll be using the tools and advice I’ve built from 30 years of experience to keep you moving forward.  Based on that experience, I can safely say that I have a solution for almost every problem you’re going to face growing forward.  In other words, every group comes with a team of experienced supporters, and a business advisor who’s in your corner.


First, there’s the unique workbook that is the foundation of every single group.  It’s a place for you to capture ideas, translate them into to do’s and into monthly, weekly, daily activities.  So far, pretty ho hum, eh?  But wait, the magic ingredient is that every step of the way you’ll be guided to analyze your personal operating system, the habits and beliefs that guide you, and to develop into the successful leader that your business needs.  And that’s the game changer.

Then there are the bi-weekly meetings – a safe place for you to share what you’re working on, discuss your challenges, celebrate your successes and ask for feedback and ideas to keep you focused and moving forward.  And finally, a private Facebook group where you can ask for help and support between meetings.

“I got more done in the first two months than I got done in the past two years”

At the end of six months, you’ll be following a plan of your own making. You’ll know how to stick to the plan, and if you do fall off the track, you’ll understand how to get yourself back quickly and effortlessly.  You’ll will have grown into the leader your growing business needs.  And that’s spelled  S-U-C-C-E-S-S!

And at the end … who says there has to be an end?  Some groups just keep on meeting and meeting because the forum and the support is so inspiring, but we’ll jump off that bridge when we get there.


Start Date: Monday September 23
Time: 9 am Eastern
Wednesday October 2 
Noon Eastern

$165 CDN + tax per month
6 month commitment
Location: Online

Note: Groups are limited to 6 members/group.    Reserve your seat now.



I am having a super productive week.  Love the time blocking tool.  I can hardly wait for our meeting tomorrow.

I’ve finally pulled up my big-girl boss panties and got things moving around here.  That’s what happens when you have to be accountable!

My office is clean.  Doesn’t seem like a big event, but it was blocking my productivity.  Allocating a half hour at the end of every day to keep on top of this works.

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