Getting the results you’re looking for?  No?  A question I frequently ask myself is WHO do I have to become to attract the results I’m looking for?  Sometimes I have to become braver, sometimes it’s more organized, sometimes it’s more knowledgeable (and yes, sometimes it’s more focused and committed).  You see, we all have standards we strive to achieve.  And the good thing about that is that we can’t get complacent.  We have to grow.  And thank heavens for that or we’d wither and die, probably from boredom if nothing else.

Hey, what do you mean by ‘attract the results you seek’ anyway?  Well, you know that saying, money attracts money?  In other words, if you already have money chances are you’ll have many more money making opportunities come your way than if you don’t.  It’s the same with any result you’re looking to achieve, once you start achieving, you’ll attract more.

How do you know what results you want to attract?  Focus.  Let’s try, more money, or becoming more outgoing, or being more physically attractive, or more interesting.  See the similarity in those?  Yup, that would be ‘more’.  Whatever you want more of is a result you want to attract. 

Here’s the plan.  First define what you want less of (it’s always easier to start with the negative – don’t ask me why!) and that will get you on the path to what you want more of.  More = the result.  And it’s like that little red car, once you buy one, that’s all you see on the road.  So once you actually see what you want, you’ll see opportunities everywhere.  You’ve attracted them.

Betcha’ you’ll never guess what comes next – yup, make a plan to get there.  If you’re going to stop doing something that’s getting you further away from the results you’re looking for, then what are the steps you need to take to stop?  What are the things you need to do to attract those results.

I wish I was … is not a plan

You want more people to know about your business?  Get out there and meet more people.  That will attract results.

You want more money?  Figure out whether you need to make more sales, or bigger profit margins.  Then get out there, close more sales and nurture the customers you already have.  That will attract more results.

You want someone to tell you what to do?  Then hire someone (you’re probably a bit beyond your mum’s knowledge base by now)  That will attract results.

You’re afraid?  You’re immobilized?  That won’t attract results.In fact, it will drive them away.

Focus on what you want, and attract it (remember the little red car).