I give up!  How should my business work?

The Business Class Core Essentials Program offers a unique Entrepreneurship Training Program with a special focus on business development. Each track of the Core Essentials Program will teach you how business works while helping you develop the practical skills that lead to sustainable growth.

Imagine a class – a real class – where you can learn everything you need to know about how a successful business really works.  And over the next three months, you’ll not only learn what you need to know to build your business properly, but you’ll apply what you’re learning each week to your daily tasks and activities so you’re growing while you’re doing.

Right arrow bulletNo more ‘shots in the dark’ with your fingers crossed that you’re doing things right

Right arrow bulletNo more wishing you knew how business worked

Right arrow bulletNo more feeling like you’re all alone trying to figure this out

The Business Class Core Essentials Program will give you the answers to your business questions.  It will show you the hidden parts of business that you’ve been searching for,  and it will support you on your journey as you develop the knowledge, skills and habits of successful entrepreneurs.

The program consists of three tracks that will teach you how to properly establish  a successful business, grow your sales and manage the growth.  Each track is divided into four modules, which include  live, interactive webinars, videos, workbooks and daily assignments.

Track 1
Business Basics & Money Management

Module 1:  Establishing money goals

Module 2:  Clarifying your vision

Module 3:  People & Processes

Module 4:  Building Profitability

Track 2
Planning & Implementation

Module 1: Products & Services

Module 2: Setting  Your Sales Targets

Module 3: Defining your Market

Module 4: Loyalty to Lead Generation

Track 3
Abilities, Attitudes & Motivation

Module 1:  Leadership Mindset

Module 2:  Roles & Goals

Module 3:  Time Management

Module 4:  The Virtual Team

Active Learning

In order to qualify for this program, you must be 100% committed.  This means that you need to set aside the time to attend the webinars and do the work.  At the end of the day, your business will be well planned and rolling out smoothly.  The process is called active learning, which means that you will be doing the work each week to make things happen.

The complete program ( all three tracks) is a Small Groups/Big Results six month online program.

But wait, are you ready to be part of this program? Let’s take a look at how you’re managing your business right now
Now, one last question. Are YOU coachable? In other words, are you at a place in your business and your life where you can take charge of your business, and yourself? Take a minute to complete this self-evaluation to make sure this is the right time for you. 
Are you with me so far?  Good, because here’s the commitment.  Bear in mind that this is not a lightweight program.  You are going to be making significant changes to the way you’ve been running your business, changes that will give you the confidence to make faster and smarter decisions.  And as you implement what you’re learning, you’ll discover that this IS the road to the money you want.

The details:

This is a 6 month business course.  The Core-Essentials Program  is restricted to 6 participants (yes, it’s like being in a Private School), which means it’s all about you and your business, not just a general “how-to”. 
Who is eligible?

Track one – open to all business owners

Track two – open to all business owners upon completion of Track One

Track three – open to all business owners upon completion of Tracks One and Two.

Total investment $1799 + tax (CDN) *.  This can also be paid in monthly installments of $349/month  + tax (CDN).  This is a 6 month commitment.

*if paid in full upon registration





$1799 + tax (CDN)


$995 each  + tax (CDN)


$349/month + tax (CDN)

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