We think that the job is done when we close the sale. The reality? The job is just starting. Before the sale, the person is a prospect. After the sale? They’re a customer. And what brings customers back for repeat business,  what makes customers tell all their friends, colleagues and family how great we are? Yes, that’s called customer service. Good customer service is the beginning of a long relationship.

Let’s face it, they already know, like and trust you – heck, they just bought from you – so don’t abandon them now.  Customers thrive on ‘aftercare’ – service after the sale has closed because they know you have their best interests at heart.  This is when you have the chance to turn a happy customer into a raving fan.

  1.  Follow up after the sale to make sure everything is running smoothly, and as promised.
  2. Say thank you -yes, with a thank you note AND mentions on appropriate platforms.  A good thank you goes a long way.
  3.  Remember to tag them in social media posts that will appeal to them.
  4. Because you took the time to learn about their personal interests, look for articles of interest and make sure they see them – not too often or you look like a stalker, but often enough to stay in their orbit.
  5. Invite them to events – yours or someone else’s – that could further their circle of acquaintances or colleagues.

In short, treat them like the friends they are, and they’ll tell their friends about you.  But above all, be genuine.

If you don’t have a follow up process, please contact me.  I’ll be happy to talk to you about how to integrate a follow up process into your marketing plan (I call it, Hi, It’s Me!)

Angela Sutcliffe is one S.O.B. (Smart Old Broad). She’s been in business for over 30 years, most of that time advising small business owners and sales professionals on tried-and-true business processes that stand the test of time.

Angela is the founder and principal consultant at Angela Sutcliffe Business Consulting where she works 1:1 with clients looking for exponential growth in their business… or just a way out of their current disorganization.  She’s a teacher, trainer, writer and speaker with an expertise in small business and leadership.  Angela offers workshops, webinars, and speaks to associations, organizations and companies about strategies to take them to the next level, and leadership mindset.

When it comes to business that works, you just can’t beat experience.  Contact Angela