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Is Your Brain Trained To Fail? Your Goals Matter


Consider this your gentle nudge … you know, the one that comes before the whack upside the head.  Your brain is trying to tell you something …listen up.


When “fail” becomes your subconscious plan

Once the year gets  just past the mid-year tipping point, it’s time to look at your progress.  Are you on track, ahead of schedule or running to catch up?  Where you are now will tell you how you’ve trained your brain.  If you’ve fallen behind, or you’re not where you hoped you would be your brain is holding you back.


If you’re in the habit of missing your goals – if you’re always asking for deadline forgiveness,  you’ve trained your brain to believe that failure is what you’re aiming for.   You’ve trained your brain to accept that “good enough” is good enough, and that “fail” is your #1 goal.  And you’ve probably been doing that for years.


Your brain is always in training

Training your brain?  Yes indeed, whatever you keep doing, your brain believes is what you want to keep doing.  If you keep missing those goals, or believing that it doesn’t really matter – if  “fail” is your way of life – your brain is paying attention and will ALWAYS use that as a set point – until you teach it differently.


Here’s how you retrain your brain

If you’re ready to re-train your brain so that it always focuses on getting you to the goal, then you have to start by setting a goal – a meaningful goal – and make it happen.  Not a “should” goal, or a “could” goal – not even a “reaching for the stars” kind of goal, but a training goal – one that you’ll actually reach.  A teeny, tiny, bite sized, achievable goal.


Time to get those grey cells working for you – “fail” is not an option

How about this… what if you set a reasonable goal that you can reach in an hour?   And then another one.  Stick to the task until it’s complete.  And do it again and again, until your brain understands that reaching the goal is your plan.   When you reach all your goals, all of the time, you’ll be amazed at how your success rate changes.  “Fail” is no longer an option – in reality or in your mind.


If you’re really, really ready; if you’re tired of spinning your tires and want to get out of the “almost there” rut – if you want to teach your brain that you really want to succeed,  then get support.  Figure out what gets in your way, how you get off track and what you need to do to make that goal matter.  And that’s what I mean when I tell you that you have to keep your goal in mind.


Get support for setting (or refreshing) those goals.  I have programs that will help you to reprogram for success.  Find out more about my next Wake Up, It’s Monday program here.


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