Getting customers to  your door is one thing.  Keeping them is another.  These days, with so many businesses offering solutions to your customer’s problems, everyone is vying for your market share.  

How do  you keep a sale closed?  You take very, very good care of your customers – after the sale.  How you make them feel once the sale is done will determine how much repeat and referral business you get from them in the future.

Make sure you have an aftercare program in place to let your customers know you care.


5 Ways to Care for Your Customers After The Sale:

Think Like A Customer


  1.  Go the extra mile.  Follow up to make sure everything has gone as expected, answer questions promptly.
  2. Manage expectations.  Develop a relationship with your client right from the beginning that tells them that if something does go wrong they can count on you to fix it immediately.
  3. Make a good, and lasting, impression.  Stay in touch.  Follow up by phone or email and build unexpected touch points throughout the year following your sale into your after-service program.  Make this an ongoing, proactive part of your business.   Note, this is not a sales call!
  4. Think in terms of customer loyalty, not another sale.
  5. Invest in helping your customer use your product or service better.  Be incredibly helpful.  Use your website for demos, customer care areas or have a helpline that’s really helpful

Remember, businesses with good customer service grow twice as quickly as those without.