Inner Circle Coaching Groups with Angela Sutcliffe Business Consulting

Are you struggling with that “it’s lonely at the top” feeling?  You wish there was someone to brainstorm with, to give you feedback and to  help you beat back the overwhelm?

Do you wish there was someone who could point you in the right direction so you could focus on the right things for your business?

Do you have a vision for where your business should be – but you’re not sure how to make it happen?

Nothing Beats Experience

coaching small groups for big results for over two decades

Hi, I’m Angela Sutcliffe,

and I’ve been advising businesses and creating supportive communities for over 20 years.    I grew up in the era of small classrooms, and over a lifetime of experience I know that small groups  are the only way to get results.


If you’ve taken all the webinars you can and downloaded online courses and you’re still confused, it’s not you.  Research shows that you just can’t learn in that kind of situation.   The environment you need to grow your business only happens in  a hands-on, interactive environment where you can learn, discuss and immediately apply what you’ve learned.  Without this, it is impossible to transfer those skills into real life situations.



I’m willing to bet that you’re looking for a community that’s going to give you real  results


You want a place where you can BRAINSTORM ideas AND BE HEARD.  Somewhere safe and supportive where you can ASK questions and TALK through your fears.


Or maybe it’s just that you know what you’re supposed to do, but you’re not getting it done.  Your priorities are out of focus and the to do list just keeps growing longer.  You’re looking for someone to help you be ACCOUNTABLE.


But most of all you want to be part of a small, like minded COMMUNITY with one common goal – SUCCESS.



Your Inner Circle group will have between three and six members – that’s all.


That’s because we’re invested in giving you the strategies and tools to help you think strategically and make smart decisions for your business – and to leave you with immediately implementable action steps.


Your group will meet for 90 minutes every other week. In those 90 minutes, each member will step into the CEO Spotlight for 10 minutes of individual laser coaching.  There will be time ask questions, brainstorm or look for feedback from your colleagues as well.   As each of you learns and grows through these sessions, everyone learns and grows.  That’s because we combine the power of your peers with customized exercises and topics, based on both group and individual needs.


And, yes,  we’ll help hold you accountable so you will get the results you’re looking for.


Be prepared to share challenges, brainstorm, develop personal action plans and support each other’s goals for achieving your goals.  Your Inner Circle group is a forum for you to expand your network, build strategic alliances and be part of bigger, ongoing discussion groups.



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