Getting Serious About Change

When you join an Inner Circle Group, you’ll discover a community just waiting to help you succeed.  One of the things you’ll notice right from the start is that this is a very different kind of community that will give you strategy and structure to get things done.

  • What if you could accomplish more in 12 weeks than you’ve accomplished in the last 12 months?
  • What if you could wave goodbye to procrastination, overwhelm, fear, doubt or uncertainty?
  • What if you’re struggling and failing to complete your work, or to reach your goals because you’ve lost focus, lost motivation or simply because you’ve become overwhelmed with a seemingly never-ending stream of tasks?

You’re not alone.  In fact, because of the demand from clients who struggled with accountability too, I’ve launched my Inner Circle Coaching Groups to create supportive, action-oriented communities to eliminate the isolation of trying to tough it out on your own.

I  know what it’s like, you get excited about what you’re doing, you give it everything you’ve got for a few days, or weeks, but heck, now it’s taking months and

  • you’ve lost your focus,
  • you aren’t sure if you’re even headed in the right direction, so you stop taking action and now you’re behind, with no idea how to get back on track, maybe you’ve even lost track of what your business, or life, is all about
  • you’re feeling lonely and don’t have anyone to brainstorm with, or anyone to support you – or someone to cheer you on and to celebrate as you reach milestone after milestone…

…if this is what’s going on, then an Inner Circle Group will give you the tools and support to eliminate self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, and to stop the roller coaster ride you’re operating from right now.   You’ll learn how to focus on doing the right things, instead of getting stuck in trying to do things right.

With the right structure processes, systems and support, you’ll see how you can accomplish more in the next 12 weeks than you could have believed possible.   You’re going to absolutely love how this works.

If  you think you’re ready to get some serious results, then here’s what is expected of you:

Commitment.  You’ll be expected to show up at each meeting.  Of course, emergencies sometimes get in the way but you’ll be expected to keep up and catch up by the next meeting.

Participation.  Groups are a two way street.  You’ll be expected to share both your struggles and your successes because we learn from each other.

Action.  Only you can do the work to make things happen.  You’ll be expected to do the work between meetings, report on your progress and to practice the behaviours that will make changes in your life and your business that will move you forward.

If you think you’re ready to make a commitment to your success, we’re ready to show you how, and to support you on the journey.  You no longer have to struggle alone.

Ready to accomplish more?  Ready to celebrate and be celebrated?  Then contact me and let’s start a conversation.  The next enrollment starts in January 2020.

Hi, I’m Angela Sutcliffe

and I’ve been advising businesses and creating supportive communities for over 20 years.    I grew up in the era of small classrooms, and over a lifetime of experience I know that small groups  are the only way to get results.


I’m willing to bet that you’re looking for a community that’s going to give you real results.

You want a place where you can brainstorm ideas and be heard.  Somewhere safe and supportive where you can ask questions and talk through your fears.

Or maybe it’s just that you know what you’re supposed to do, but you’re not getting it done.  Your priorities have slipped out of focus and the to do list just keeps growing longer.  You’re looking for someone to help you to be accountable.

But most of all, you want to be part of a small, like-minded community with one common goal – SUCCESS.

Ready to take the plunge?

Discover more about my Inner Circle Groups.  There’s one just waiting for you.

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