Ahem... CONVERSION RATES … pay attention here …

While you’re playing nicey nice on your social sites I want to make sure you understand that if you have a business, it’s not about making friends. In fact, all the likes, haha’s, wow’s etc. are not going to put money in your pocket. Business pages are to convert prospects into closed sales.

Remember I keep talking about the numbers? Just like what your revenue is doesn’t matter as long as you are making healthy profits (dollars in less expenses), conversion rates are the same. It doesn’t matter how many people love you if they don’t want to do business with you.

*Sigh* yes, another number for you to watch.

If your social activities aren’t converting into sales … if you’re spending more time online that you’re getting “paid” for… then you’re either wasting time gratifying yourself, or posting things that aren’t “attractive” to your marketplace. You can have thousands of “friends” or “followers” but if they aren’t the people who are going to do business with you – if they aren’t converting into sales – then you need to come up with a strategy, or a better one.

It takes the same amount of time to post useful information as it does to post pictures of cats and dogs and motivational sayings. If you want to feel good, focus on posts that convert. It’s funny how good you can feel about yourself when you’re making money.

When it comes to business, use your time and your “real estate” wisely.

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