Leadership Loneliness? Avoid this mistake.


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Suffering from Leadership Loneliness?

There’s no doubt that for an entrepreneur or a small business owner it can be very lonely at the top.  Many entrepreneurs and small business owners look for support from their employees. It’s not uncommon to relieve that leadership loneliness by unloading an “ideas dump” on those very people who are there on a daily basis working to make your dream come true.

Unfortunately, your employees are not your confidantes.

Dreams, fears, changes of direction and whims can only unsettle them – after all, they look to you for strength, focus, and direction.  Your role is “fearless leader”.  But when you start to waffle, to lose your way, to act uncertain,  and to dump your fears downwards, your musings translate to “maybe we’re going to make it and maybe we’re not!   I’d better look for a job somewhere more secure.”

Every business needs a leader, and every leader needs an advisory team

No matter how big – or how small – smart business owners surround themselves with advisors – whether they are professional or collegial, so that when it comes to dreaming – to blue-skying, to brainstorming, you can be the dreamer.  Do your dreaming with those you trust and who don’t rely on the outcome for their income.  Once your dream becomes a vision, you can share your vision with those in your organization who will give strength to your direction.   What’s the difference?  A dream is just a maybe.  A vision is a dream in focus.

What can you do?

While you’re at the brainstorming stage, pull together an impartial, arm’s length group of trusted advisors – people who don’t rely on you for their paycheque, but people who have expertise beyond your level who can help you transform your dream into a vision.  Once you’ve built the vision, with strategies, goals and outcomes then you can “take it to the troops”.