checkbox-green-image  My business isn’t making enough money

checkbox-green-imageI’m not taking home a paycheque

checkbox-green-imageI am paying myself, but not consistently

checkbox-green-imageI don’t understand money – and looking at it scares me

checkbox-green-imageI have no idea how much money I should be making

checkbox-green-imageI want to understand how this money thing works

Does this sound like you?  You’re not alone.  Most entrepreneurs are confused about money, and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business, if you’re struggling with money, this workshop will make it all make sense (and you’ll be so relieved at the end)


It’s tough, if not impossible, to succeed in business without a solid understanding of money, plus good money habits.

Everyone starts a business full of ideas and with plenty of passion.  What makes the difference between survival and success is learning how to manage the money.    You see, business is not just about selling products and services, or even marketing.  It’s about understanding how much money it takes to run your business, and how much you need for your personal life.

you deserve to get paid for all your hard work

Acknowledging that you have a lot to learn about money and business is a huge step in taking charge of your future.  Your willingness to learn will make sure you will be around for the long run.

And that’s the reason for this workshop.  I want to give you the tools you need to understand your money, to make informed decisions about how much is enough, and how to ensure that you’re paying yourself consistently.  I mean, who wants to work this hard and not get paid???


  • you own your own business and you can’t squeeze enough money out to pay yourself
  • it feels like you’re not making enough money
  • you’re not sure where your money is disappearing

It’s time to learn about Money Management for Entrepreneurs


  • how much money you really should be making to cover your business expenses
  • how much money you need to pay yourself so that running the business is worthwhile
  • where your money is really going

I’ll teach you the the easiest, quickest, most accurate hack for understanding your cash flow any time you need to know!  Everyone loves this one!!!

Monday April 8, 2019
9 am – noon
$89 + tax
1025 Richmond Road, Ottawa
Suite 1606

Note: a very limited number of seats are available for our LIVE workshops.  Reserve now.


Are you kidding me?  I’ve been waiting for months for our bookkeeper to tell me how we’re doing, and now I discover a quick and easy way of finding out any time I want?  Wow, that puts me in the drivers seat – finally.

I loved learning how to pay myself properly.  I never really knew how much money I was spending on the wrong things.  Now I know, I feel in charge of my business for the first time.  Thank you.

I didn’t want to look at the numbers, because I thought it meant I was a failure. What a relief to know the numbers are just a tool to measure what I’m doing right, and what needs my focus.  Great workshop!

This workshop always makes me smile, and I know it will you too.  Money is probably the scariest part of any business, so when 100% of the people who take this workshop tell me they never imagined it could be the most fun they’ve ever had, then I know it works.  Sure the thought of it may be scaring you, but imagine what it will feel like when you get that monkey off your back.    It’s time.

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