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Do Your Prospects Know You Care – Enough?


Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen if you weren’t around to provide the excellent service that you do?  I mean, your clients and customers wouldn’t know any better. They could be fleeced by anyone!  Do your prospects know you care?


PHEW  thank heavens you’re around.   I know you really care – about quality – about the people you meet and about those you’re going to meet over the lifespan of your business, don’t you?  But wait a minute –


-it doesn’t matter how much you care if nobody knows you’re there


You see,  I can’t always tell, because not every business owner is like you.  Believe it or not, some of them don’t reach out to prospective customers or clients like you do.   They just leave those poor people are out there in the cold, hard world, buying from the competition.  Yup, they’re left fending for themselves.  All because they don’t know any better.  You’ve been invisible.


Some businesses are only in it for the money


Then there are those other businesses that are only in it for the money.   Those business owners don’t care like you do, but they’re probably more visible than you.   They’re hungry, and they’re hunting.  “Out there” is where the money is.


If you’re not out there too, the same prospects you say you care about may be spending too much money on something they don’t want or need.  Let’s face it, the competition isn’t YOU.   Your competitor may not know the best or the right thing to sell  as well as  you do. They may only be intent on getting a sale at any cost.  To your competitor, prospects are nothing more than prospects with money in their wallets.


Yup, it’s true … if you’re not out there all the time, then how the heck are people going to know how good you are … or how much you care?


Do you care enough to step out of your own comfort zone?


When you tell me that one of the things that sets you apart is the fact that you really care about your prospects and clients, you have to understand that this means getting out of YOUR comfort zone to meet them.  It means following up and staying with them right through the buying process – and long afterwards.  It means that if you really care about your prospects, they’ll have no trouble finding you.   It means making sure that they know you care.  So let me ask you one more time…


… do your prospects know you care – enough?


Think about that next time you skip a networking meeting, fail to follow up or stop reaching out.  What you do is more than a business – it’s a responsibility.