Old, established company?  What’s wrong with that?

You may want to change before you have to.

It seems that these days, more and more ‘old, established’ companies are closing their doors. And that’s a shame. Most blame it on the shifts to online purchasing, some say people are shopping for ‘cheaper’, neither of which are 100% true. The reality is that many of these companies have not updated their appearance or practices to meet the market where it is today. ‘Years in business’ is now taking a backseat to customer service – and after-service.

It’s no longer about the years in business…

You can’t cruise along on a reputation that was built in grandma’s time. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business 80 years, or 80 minutes,  if you create customer happiness and develop brand loyalty and look like you’re keeping current, you’ll attract buyers willing to spend money on your brand. If you’re still riding on reputation from days-gone-by, it’s time to pause and refresh. Embrace the change. Give yourself a fresh look, meet the market online, reboot with what you do now, not what you did then. Better to do it now, than before you have to.