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Why small groups get big results

Have you taken all the webinars, “workshops”  and online courses you can and you’re still confused?  You still don’t know how to apply what you’ve learned to your business?


New research shows it’s because you cannot learn in the traditional webinar environment.  Why?  Because the kind of learning you need to grow your business only happens when you can get hands-on and interactive.  In other words learning that sticks occurs in small groups where you can learn, discuss, and immediately apply what you’ve learned.  Without this, it is impossible for you to transfer ideas and information into your real life situations.  That’s why we’ve developed our small groups/BIG RESULTS process, one that gives you the chance to be heard. Back to the basics.


Learning to know and learning to do


Our process is the difference between giving you a generic formula and helping you to understand the problems, design the tools and apply them to your business.  We teach you how to think like an entrepreneur – not just to act like one.


We’ve limited our “classroom” size – either on site or online – to a maximum of 6 people. We want you to ask questions.   We want interaction.  We want you to leave satisfied that you really know what to do next.

We’ve taken the live classroom experience into the virtual world.


We open all the mic’s to encourage free-flowing discussion.  We want you to be heard.  As questions come up you get immediate answers.  No more wondering how that applies to you – just ask for clarification.


Applied learning

Our approach is referred to as applied learning, because you’ve already started integrating this information even before you leave the webinar.  That’s the beauty of the small group – it’s intimate, and it’s supportive.  You aren’t left hanging out in the crowd wondering how to translate generic “how-to’s”  into what you do.


After all, we believe it’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know that counts.


Learning that sticks with you


Our Small Groups/BIG RESULTS model is applied to our online webinars, groups, programs and masterminds and our live onsite workshops.

open quote imageAngela, we haven’t worked together in more than a decade, but I just had to call to tell you that I put together a presentation last week using all the information you gave me back then.  It is stuck in my brain – I haven’t forgotten what you taught me. The organizers said it was the best presentation they had ever heard.  My time with you is still paying dividends

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