Professional Speaker 

“Angela Sutcliffe is funny, memorable, a great storyteller and she gets her point across – usually with a punch”


Let’s face it, who is more witty, irreverent, and experienced than a Smart Old Broad?  Angela doesn’t pull any punches when she’s trying to get her point across.  She’s been known to sing, dance, spin stories, tell jokes and isn’t afraid to cajole even the most street-hardened business veteran into smiling – and learning.


“Holycow, she’ll exclaim –  I’ve gone deaf – either that, or everyone’s afraid to be the first person to ask a question, because I’m not hearing anything” she’ll tell a stone-faced audiencebringing about titters, guffaws and 100% buy in even from the back rows.


Making the learning stick

From keynotes to after-dinner speaker and workshops to breakout sessions, Angela starts teaching from the moment her feet hit the front of the room.  If you want to motivate your audience, to make them think like business owners and leave them with easy-to-understand, immediately implementable takeaways, why not hire a seasoned small business advisor and professional speaker?  Why not hire a Smart Old Broad?


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What people are saying about Angela Sutcliffe

What I love about hearing Angela speak is the great abundance of stories she keeps spinning out until everyone in the audience gets the point, no matter their learning style.  Long after she leaves the stage her teaching sticks.

Once you’ve heard Angela speak, you’ll discover you have an “Angela chip” implanted in your brain.  She gets into your head with such practical, down-to-earth, homespun advice that every time I’m stuck I ask myself, what would Angela say?  She’s not the “answer lady” – she’s the person who gives you the tools and then challenges you to come up with better, more creative ways to customize them for your own business.

Angela uses the oldest teaching technique in the world – storytelling – to get her point across.  I’ve heard many speakers but the ones who put me in the picture are the ones I never forget.  Angela is a master storyteller

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