Hope you’re a talker!


Looking for sales success?  Easy.  Talk to lots of people.  And trust me, there’s lots of people to talk to.

Oh Angela, you make everything sound so simple.  It is.

There’s no doubt about it, sales is a contact sport. It really is true that it doesn’t matter how good you are if nobody knows you’re there.  Fine!  So where do you find all these people?

We usually think of traditional networking as talking  to people.  Wrong!!!  Oh so very wrong.  Networking is like opening the Yellow Pages.  You’ll know lots of business names, even some of the owners’ names, but that’s all.  What networking does is allow you to FOLLOW UP.  I know, your favourite activity, sometimes known as F.U. (there’s a reason for that).

Imagine if your favourite team walked out onto the field, or the ice, stood there, smiled, waved and went home?  That’s what I’m talking about.  That’s what we do at networking events. 


First the meeting, then the talking, then more talking, then more meeting.  Getting the picture?  Even better, meeting and talking are measurable activities.  Take my word for this, you can actually measure your results.  Set a target for the number of people you’ll meet each week (new contacts), the number of follow up meetings you’ll have (yup, those F.U.’s) and the numbers of deals closed as a result.  Sure it may take time to close that sale but your statistics will tell you – met x people this week, followed up with Y and, as you get rolling with this, the results were Z.  It’s all in the numbers.

That’s how you succeed in sales

How many times can you follow up without being a stalker?  As many as you’re interesting.  Want to know how to be interesting?  Listen, be interested, remember small details and read Harvey MacKay’s Swim with the Sharks.  One of the best books I’ve read to learn how to stay in touch.

Talk is cheap – and as I always tell my clients, meet people – lots of people – and close sales – lots of sales.  It is that easy!

Remember, to succeed in sales,  talk to lots of people every day, and remember there’s lots of people.