Take control of your problems before they take control of you image

When you own a business, some days it seems like EVERYTHING is a problem. WHEN WILL IT STOP?

You might be wondering whether you’re cut out for this, or whether you can handle things.  You may even be wondering if this is the loneliness at the top everyone is talking about.  In fact, you may even be thinking that you want to grab it all back and run it all yourself, after all, I mean, what’s wrong with total control?

But wait a minute… didn’t you get into business to solve problems? And now you want them to stop? Hmmm.

Let’s be honest, you and I both know that nothing changes until it has to.  That means that if you aren’t coming up against problems, your business is static.  And in business, static means you’re not going anywhere.  No big dreams, no future goals.  Nope, you’re stuck right where you are.

Some people call that a comfort zone… but is it? I’m not sure about you, but I sure don’t feel any sense of comfort watching other people race past me, attracting MY customers, my clients and my prospects because they’re “out there”.  And I don’t feel any sense of comfort knowing I’m falling further and further behind, simply because I’m ducking my problems – aka. my challenges.  And again, if you’re like me, there’s this nagging sense of the inevitable – that these problems are sent to make you grow, willing or not.

You see, the more problems you have, by solving them,  the more you grow.   As you learn from each problem, new customers will come in with higher level problems, which means that you’re continuously improving the quality – and reach –  of your market.

Who knew?

(I did)

So let’s bring things right back to the here and now.  What’s the problem in front of you right now? Break it down into its component parts.

Identify the problem.

 Is this something you need to learn? Who will teach you?  What time will you give to this?  How long do you estimate it will take you to learn (at least, enough to immediately solve your problem – you can improve on things later)

Do you need to become more skilful at doing this – or is it even something you want to do? Is there someone else who could do this better – and faster – than you?  Who else could take care of this for you?

Do you need a different perspective?

or is this something you need to change in the way you’re interacting with your clients? Never rule out the possibility that you may have run up against a door that’s closed in your mind.  The problem may be nothing more than how you’re thinking about it.   Once you start figuring out how to solve the immediate problem you may find your mind opens up and is ready for more ideas – and yes, more challenges.

You can only run so far, and you can only hide for so long, but the very base of business is problem solving.

Control your problems – don’t let them control you.

Angela Sutcliffe is an experienced business coach, who works with entrepreneurs who need more effective strategies for these uncertain times. Her mission is to teach owners how to think and act successfully so they can become more empowered leaders in their businesses. Angela is a visionary, practical, down to earth mentor, and, as she says, she doesn’t teach anything she hasn’t already experienced – and lived to tell the tale.