Angela Sutcliffe is the business consultant who will help you transform your business in 90 days  or less.  This program is getting rave reviews.

The Transform Your Business in 90 Days or Less Management module transformed my business - and me.

Wow, here’s what you get!


6 live webinars


6 live group coaching calls


a private Facebook Page to keep the discussion going

over the next 90 days

You get all this for only


(yes, less than $39 per week for live webinars and coaching calls)




Module 1:  Paint the Picture

“If you don’t know where you’re going, then any path will do” (Lewis Carrol – Alice in Wonderland).  In this second module we find out what your personal goals, dreams and aspirations look like – then we find a way to build a business that will support you.  We’ll establish your business vision and mission.


Module 2: Bottom Line Business

Yes, business is all about money.  Making it, using it and keeping it.  How much do you really need to run your business and as “take-home pay”?  Let’s find out.  Let’s see where you’re leaking money so we can plug those profit holes.  If you aren’t paying yourself first – if you’re struggling to make ends meet, pay yourself consistently or investing your money back into your business, this module will show you where the problems are, and how to turn things around.


Module 3:  Buying Made Simple

Giving away the farm?  Playing the “discount” game?  Or just plain wondering where the buyers are?  In this module we look at smart ways to package what you sell in a way that is going to make your customers want to buy at the price you’re selling at. Make it easy for your customers to buy without dropping your prices.


Module 4:  Marketing Strategies, Tactics and Bright Shiny Objects

Is your market just getting to know you?  Getting to know you better?  Or are you becoming a household brand?  In this module you will learn what it takes to break you free from the pack and get your name top of mind in your marketplace.  Whether you’re penetrating or expanding your market, discover the right tools for your business to get the brand out.


Module 5: What’s your WOW?

“Wow” is what we want our clients, customers and patients saying about their experience with our company.  Wow, I can hardly wait for more, or Wow, wait ’till I tell my friends.  And that means putting never-fail systems, processes and people in place that will make you stand out – way out – from the competition.  In this module you’ll set up your business for the ultimate customer satisfaction experience.   Ya’ll come back now, you hear?


Module 6:  From Self-Employed to C.E.O.

Throughout this process you’ve made the transition from Self-Employed (I’ve created a job for myself and I’m the best employee this company has) to C.E.O.  Yes, now you’re in charge.  You have a vision, a mission, and goals.  You’ve optimized your products and services and got them into the marketplace.  You have processes in place, creating a never-ending stream of repeat and referral business.  WHO do you have to become to manage the operation? What’s your new job description?  What does a leader do all day, anyhow?  In this module we look at the difference between working IN the business and working ON it.



Transform Your Business in 90 Days or Less Sometimes you don't know what you don't know