Wake-Up!  It’s Monday
8 week online group program

Next online group starts:  Monday March 18, 2019

9:00 am – 10 am Eastern

It’s Time!

Ask yourself if what you are doing today is leading you closer to where you want to be tomorrow

What’s in the way of your success? Too many “to do’s” and not enough “done”? Too many ideas and too little time? As entrepreneurs, we’re strong on ideas but not so great on focus.  Did you ever wonder why or have you always believed it was you?  Well, here’s news for you …


Join me on an 8 week journey to discover a new way of setting goals – one that works for right-brained, big picture entrepreneurs (which means most of us).  This is all about goal setting – eliminating your personal roadblocks (yes, I said your personal because this is an interactive workshop which means it’s customized to each participant in the group) and getting advice, tips and strategies to get you moving forward along the road to success. Imagine where your business could go once you eliminate those things.

Wake Up, It’s Monday! Focus on Goals 

An 8-week interactive, online program
for people who want to set – and reach – their goals

In only 8 weeks, you’ll zap the things standing between you and the business and life you want. You’ll see your roadblocks and design your personal roadmap to bypass them.

You’ll discover how to recognize and eliminate time wasters and energy drains. You’ll know every day what needs to be done professionally and personally to keep you up, on track and moving forward to reach those goals – effortlessly.

Achieve your goal

Before the Wake up! Group even begins, you will set a goal for yourself that you will be able to achieve in the next 8 weeks. That’s where the group dynamic kicks in. The Wake Up group is  full of ideas, motivation and support. Every person on the call contributes ideas, techniques and tools that have worked for them. And the weekly meetings is a way to stay focused and accountable.

Ready to get things done?

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The first payment is due prior to starting, the second one at the end of week 4

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“I used to just guess at a good goal for the year – whatever seemed reasonable – and then hope.  I didn’t have a clue how to set real goals, so I was never able to reach them”.

“I love the Wake up it’s Monday toolkit: the “OBG” (One BIG Goal), the “gratitude attitude”, and Top 10 Insanity List that have all helped me eliminate a lot of the stuff that was getting in my way!”

“I finally understand how out of focus my goals really were. With the weekly accountability of the Wake Up, call, I’ve been able to meet my main goal and achieve some smaller ones on the way.”

Each week you’ll learn a new skill and share strategies to apply what you’ve learned to reach your goal

Week 1:

Habits, Responsibility, Commitment – Setting the goals, finding the passion

Week 2:

Help, Sources and Resources – Maximizing your Support

Week 3:

Barriers, Blockades and Beliefs – What’s working: what’s not

Week 4:

Time Management

Week 5:

Fear of Letting Go – Eliminating limiting beliefs/self sabotage

Week 6:

Acting vs. Reacting – Procrastination, Boundaries and Blocks

Week 7:

Getting to Goal

Week 8:

Recap – Moving Forward

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The only decision you have to make is one payment or two.
Please select your payment method from the drop down menu below

Payment Plan

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