It’s OK To Be Great


It’s funny, isn’t it, how we have this feeling that we SHOULD know how to do all things business. So it’s a natural follow through that, with hundreds, if not thousands, of how to courses to choose from, the first instinct is to sign up. How to … social media. How to … market … . How to build for profits.


And then, what?


Let’s face it, we’re so much alike we could be siblings from another mother, because it turns out that even with step by step how to’s, it’s not as easy, or intuitive as everything seemed in the presentation. So what do you do? You put the learning aside and keep on with what you were doing, and maybe adding in a few insights.


And then the going really gets tough – I know because two people have come to me this month and confessed they’re thinking of closing their doors and looking for a job because business is just “too hard”.  They discovered that once the event is done, once the workshop has ended, once the webinar is finished, it’s no longer an intellectual exercise. It’s where the rubber hits the road.


It becomes a war where the dividing line is ambition meets change.  And we all LOVE change (not).  

More than a few years ago, I noticed my 1:1 coaching conversations and groups had, over time, become  more focused on “how do I find time”, or “how do I get over my fear”, or even, “how can I trust other people to do as good a job as me” or even “should I be charging more”? You know, those questions we all ask ourselves because it’s the inside voice – the story everyone is afraid to share… that starts yapping away.  And then we isolate because we  think it’s just us.


And here’s the secret that not very many people will tell you…

 We’re ALL fallibly human. We all bring those inner voices to work. We all do our best to rise above … and yet … this is our common sticking point, our stumbling block.  And the biggest block of all? It’s struggling with this alone.
You see, many of us shrink away from the thought that we could be making way more money than we are – or we try to find an easier, quicker, gentler way to riches because basically we’re afraid of who we will have to become to build that dream.  Here’s the truth;  ambition doesn’t die – it just becomes this horrible “not good enough/never good enough” gut feel – and it never goes away.  It gets louder and louder and louder until the stress drives us to look for a job, instead of acknowledging that it’s OK to be ambitious and it’s safe to change.

How  do you get started?  By understanding, acknowledging and eventually getting support to move across that ambition chasm  Sometimes that first step is simply accepting that “ambition”is not a dirty word.  And with that one step, that one nod of the head, the journey can finally begin.


It is OK to have dreams – big dreams

It is OK to march to the beat of a different drummer – your drummer

It is OK to look for help and support, and most of all,

You’ll be OK as you begin a journey of becoming that WHO you need to become to feel safe reaching out, closing deals, aiming for that big, brass ring.

 Pay attention to whose voice you hear when you’re dreaming BIG.  That’s the true you.  It’s time for a COMING OF AGE.



When you’re ready to work with me, whether 1:1 or in one of my Inner Circle Accountability Groups you’ll find all the support you need to break through your own personal barriers.  It’s time to let your greatness loose!  Contact me – let’s do this together.