Work With Angela
Measurable Results

What If…

 – running a business – and making money – was easier than you think?

 – you discovered the “formula for business success” … and made it  – yours?

 – you put an end to frustration and overwhelm and focused on what works?

 – your business turned a higher profit?

One Day Business Evaluation & Tune Up

It’s not unusual for companies to stall, get stuck or even slide backwards – especially when they’re poised for growth.  And that’s because each growth spurt calls for a “how things work around here” redesign. During the full day 1:1 meeting we evaluate your current business processes, identify the issues and make recommendations to improve performance.

That’s Where I Come In

Sometimes you need a little, sometimes you need a lot so we’ve designed programs that meet those needs right now.

Results You Can Expect With Our One Day Together:

A snapshot assessment of the current health of your business – strengths and weaknesses what you need to do to take your business to the next level and immediately implementable “next steps” recommendations

“When I  first came to see you, my business left me feeling as if I had a bunch of hamsters running round and round in my head. Afterwards, I still had hamsters… but they were jogging in formation”


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