It’s a funny thing, immediately AFTER a workshop or a group fills up I get all sorts of messages saying “I didn’t know you were holding this webinar and I missed it.  Is it too late to register?”  And you know the answer – sadly, yes.  You see, I have to stick to my guns, which is to maintain the integrity of my small groups/BIG RESULTS  programs by closing off enrollment at 10 people.  So I hope you understand that when I say “only a few spaces available” I’m not kidding.  It’s not one of those “create scarcity” marketing ploys – it’s quality control.



Starts Tuesday February 12 , 2019
2 pm Eastern

Enrollment currently open

More information


January  TBD
1-2:30 Eastern
on line 


1-2:30 Eastern

1-2:30 Eastern

I love your workshops.  It’s not just what you teach us, it’s how you teach – the stories, the workbooks, the exercises.  You have a way of presenting the information so that it’s easy for everyone to understand and you stick to it until everyone gets the point.


The Leadership Lunch Series is a series of stand-alone lunches with the purpose of learning about ourselves, the things that are holding us back, and what we can do to step out into the world as the leaders we know we are.  Each month there will be a new topic that touches on thoughts, beliefs and habits that may be getting in the way of our lives.   Join us for a lighthearted, challenging and meaningful discussion over lunch that may rekindle the dreams of your youth – or the untapped passion you’ve kept hidden.

“The more we know our inner selves, the stronger leaders we become” ~ Angela Sutcliffe

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for one day — teach a man to fish and he’ll feed himself for life”

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