Write The Damn Plan, Already – It’s The End of The Year


OK, so it’s almost the end of the year.  And you still don’t have a plan.  Let’s face it, back in January you started off with hope – shiny expectations of finally making your dream come true.  And now, as you’re in the final quarter sprint, you’re probably wishing you had a plan to boost your sales for the last part of this year – never mind next.



“But Angela, a plan for NEXT YEAR isn’t my priority.  What am I supposed to do to make things right THIS YEAR? ” 


Write a short term plan – it’s never too late to get it done.  Here’s how:

 It doesn’t need to be long – or complicated.  Here’s what you need to get to the finish line this year:


1.  Decide what products or services you’re going to focus on – you don’t have time to offer multiple choice.  Pick your best sellers.


2.  Find the low hanging fruit.  I always ask my clients, if you closed your eyes and thought really hard, could you come up with 5 people right now who have indicated they want to buy, but you either haven’t closed their business, or you haven’t followed up.  Follow up and go close those sales.   Now come up with 5 more.  Your plan for next year will include short – and long term – goals.


3.  See if there is any “wiggle room” on pricing – even a couple of percentage points increase on a price will grow your profits.  It’s a three month sprint.  You want all the money you can get.


4.  Pick your platforms – if you’re going to network, pick the best ones and be there – lots.  If it’s social media, pick one and work the heck out of it, and finally,


5.  Get off your butt –  whatever bad habits you’ve had up ’till now, stop it.  Whatever new habits you need to adopt, do it.  Whatever excuses you’ve been using – lose them.  It’s only three months.  Sprint to the end.


So that’s the damn plan – now follow it!