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GO from Self-employed to CEO  

Life is uncertain—business doesn’t have to be.  
With our programs, workshops and webinars, you’ll learn to think and act like a successful C.E.O. That means you will be able make smarter decisions as your business grows and changes. Stop guessing and learn how to take charge of your business, your growth and your profits.

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Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Congratulations, your business is going through a growth spurt and now you need guidance to put systems in place to give you a smooth, profitable ride.


After 27 years in business, I have a lot of experience, insights and just plain “feet-on-the-street” wisdom to share. Follow my blog to get tips, insights and motivation to move your business forward.


What makes Angela a “must have” speaker is her down–to–earth approach to business.  She’s funny, she’s irreverent, and she never stops planting mental “time bombs” of tips, ideas and how to’s that last long after the day has ended. Angela is the perfect speaker for conferences, business associations, Chambers of Commerce – any organization that has business growth and business leadership as a focus.


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